DMT enacts amendments to General Appearance Law in Abu Dhabi
emirates7 - The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has started implementing the amendment of Law No. 2 of 2012 concerning the maintenance of the general appearance and health and public harmony in Abu Dhabi.

The new amendment is intended to fulfil the Abu Dhabi Government's vision and the Department of Municipalities and Transport's strategy for sustainable development, enhancing the quality of life in the emirate with world-class facilities and infrastructure, restructuring legislative manuals and guides in line with continued growth in the emirate, maintaining public health, and promoting the wellbeing of residents of the emirate.

The amendment modifies the functional conditions for implementing the legislation and the executive decisions issued in accordance with it. It also allows violators to file grievances regarding violations with the relevant municipal administration to ensure justice prevails and safeguard their rights.

The new amendments help strengthen law enforcement mechanisms by requiring different community members to comply with its terms and allowing concerned authorities to remove violations as soon as possible.

The decision includes fundamental changes in line with the emirate's future trends, such as: converting the statutory fines into administrative fines enforced directly by the municipality's concerned department instead of referring them to the Public Prosecution; offering flexibility in determining the fine value depending on the violation's severity; a settlement may be offered to the violators, and the violator who accepts the settlement must pay a fine equivalent to (75%) of the total administrative fine specified for the violation within sixty days from the day of settlement offer; and obligating the violator to remove the effects of the infraction within the stipulated time frame or the concerned municipality to remove them at the violator's expense.

Speaking on the occasion, Falah Al Ahbabi, Chairman of DMT, said, "The amended General Appearance Law provide clear direction for DMT to implement the stipulations set for protecting the appearance of the emirate and to monitor and control irregularities.

"Today, the new amendment represents a crucial step that directly contributes to the lives of Abu Dhabi residents and improves their ability to accomplish their aspirations in all aspects of life. It will build on Abu Dhabi's decades of success in developing cities and sustainable infrastructure. Thanks to the vision and continuous support of the leadership, we will be able to enhance the quality of life for all residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi."

Law No.2 of 2012 prohibits any activity that could adversely impact the appearance, cultural, architectural, or aesthetic features of public areas in the emirate, such as green spaces, walkways, buildings, marketplaces, and public roads.

The Law eliminates all manifestations and factors that interfere with efforts to protect the emirate's peaceful environment by promoting tranquillity in public and commercial places that are free of any act that leads to noise or disturbance in any way, including any behaviour that interferes with others' freedom and their daily lives.

The new amendments to the law include procedures for immediate actions against acts in violation of the law, removing distortions of general appearance, and eliminating the causes of harm on the roads and public places, accomplishing effectiveness in collecting administrative fines, achieving the foundations of justice by organising procedures for reconciliation and grievances, and contributing to strengthening the integration of residential neighbourhoods by expanding residential areas.

[12-07-2022 03:54 PM]


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